Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Saturday we completed weeding. There was some mechanical weeding and then hand weed. We did some ourselves and then had support for completion on Saturday 9 (35 days after transplanting). I felt we were a little late with the second weeding (finishing sections we missed the week earlier due to insufficient water).

For weeding water is critical and so alternate wetting and drying was a distraction from getting the weeding done and the fertilizer top dressing.

Final top dressing was given on 11th. Is this just at the beginning of Panicle Initiation or not! To help our learning we sampled last Saturday (9th Feb and 35 days after transplanting), Monday (37 days) and this morning (39 days). There has been a change in the appearance of the cross section of the tiller. Today it looked a bit like we have reached PI. We will check again on Friday and also next Monday just to see the complete transition.

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