Monday, 4 February 2013

IRRI Radio | Rice Survivor | Episode Six

Learning as verb. It comes naturally to farmers but can be easy to forget in academia. Research, especially when sub-specialized, quickly becomes esoteric. Horizons tend toward the myopic. Connections only found where you look for them.
The IRRI Training Center tries to be the antidote for that. Noel Magor - who heads the training center - does not try to minimize book knowledge, but he does try to maximize field wisdom. When it comes to rice production a good part of the latter comes from muddy feet and calloused hands. Hence, Rice Survivor. In this conversation with Dr. Magor (recorded January 30, 2013) he makes two references that may be of interest to our readers: Achim's Agronomy Challenge ... Dr. Dobermann is IRRI's Deputy Director General for Research. He and Leigh Vial (Head of IRRI's Experimental Farm) are in their second year of putting IRRI's 'best practices' to the test. Also, the Rice Knowledge Bank , which is where IRRI hopes will become the go-to starting point for anyone who wants to grow a rice crop.

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