Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Bund

Plot 826
This is a picture of our plot being plowed yesterday. The tractor operator had some difficulties in maneuvering the disc plow because of the bund in the middle of our plot. At first, I'm a bit hesitant in retaining the bund since it will not maximize our planting area as well as the cost involved in repairing it. However, I agree with my teammates that the bund can make our field operations (e.g., fertilizer application, disease detection) easier. Also, we are planting two rice varieties and the soil below the bund might not be suitable for rice planting. Some participants and ES staff advised us to remove the bund but we will stick to our decision.


  1. Great bund photo--thanks!

  2. During our second puddling step this morning, the central bund kept us from tilling across the plot. Whereas the other puddled plots were tilled length-wise and then width-wise to even the soil, ours was only done length-wise. We still did two passes, but both were in the same direction.