Friday, 14 December 2012


The pictures above are pictures from our field (826) taken yesterday afternoon (14 Dec. 2012). After James Quilty alerted me that our plot (826) is being irrigated, but only half of it, we suddenly rushed and visit the field. Surprisingly, it seems to be a sabotage from group 2 (plot 825).

As Sarah mentioned in her blog, we just want our plot to be dry tilled for faster decomposition of biomass left in the field. Although, wetting of the half our plot will not hurt us too much instead we will use it as a comparison to the other half of the plot which will be total aerobic decomposition. I suppose this is not intentional mistake ;) but hopefully next time, if the group has a certain activities even though it is just a simple land soaking operation like this, I suggest that at least one member of the group should be present specially at the start of the operation.


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  1. More sabotage? Our plot was irrigated again Wednesday without our request. After I clarified yet again that we did not want it irrigated, I came back a few hours later to find that it had been puddled without our request, apparently because group 1 put in a puddling request for Thursday.