Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hey RiceSurvivors,

nice to see everyone so enthusiastic in the field yesterday.

Katie and I have been copied into the first operational request to the IRRI farm that one team sent out today. I'd like to share their idea with you of letting  Bert or Roly know the contact details of your groups relevant activity leader (cell phone works probably best) so that they can notify you when an operation is going to happen in your plot. That way you get a chance to participate in or check out the operations in your plot even if it's outside our scheduled field visits.

On another note, don't be afraid to nominate an activity leader who may not be an expert on the topic or put your hand up to be one even if you think you have no prior knoweldge of the activity. It's a learning process for all of us and your team will help to find and provide the relevant knowledge to make decisions.

Happy Rice Growing,


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