Thursday, 19 December 2013

Establishing a Nursery for B-IRRI-ANI

Since the holidays are coming, our team decided to grow our seeds over the vacation period. 

Our seeds were planted on their trays last December 16.

The seeds were not soaked and incubated, they were directly sown into the trays.This gives us 2-3 more days to transplant after two weeks from seeding. 

This gives us two options to have our transplanting date on either January 2 or 3. 
We decided to have it on the 3rd since most people just came back. :)

A tray of IR64 seeds.

IR64 seeds directly sown into the tray.

We had 24 trays for our 6 kg of seeds.
Those trays were covered with nets to protect the seedlings from being damaged.

We were asked to water those seeds thrice a day. Since one of us is staying for the holidays he volunteered to water them. What a relief! 

Day 3- December 19, 2013

 After 3 days some of the seeds started to germinate.

We also started our land preparation procedures. Our field was already rotovated yesterday.

This is a really fun experience. :)

We are so excited for transplanting!

Hope everything goes out well and our seedlings don't get sick. 

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