Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Watching the golden snail - group 2

For Team 2 - this morning Adam and I looked at our plot (824) for any signs of snail damage. There was a small area on the far side near team 1s plot in which snails had destroyed some plants. Adam is going to organise some 222 seedlings and I will replant this evening.

The golden apple snail is  new for me. The practice in Bangladesh was to allow standing water immediately on transplanting. There was no golden snail there.  For treatment we have chosen to use drainage. As a group we have opted here for non chemical control.

Adam feels we will need irrigation by Friday as there is now some soil cracking. Is it possible to get the AWD circles to insert into the field now so that we can monitor the water level? Our challenge will be the behavior of the snails after the irrigation.  Guys do keep on eye on the snails!

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